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Rams GM Billy Devaney hires his contract guy

Jay Zygmunt graded out as a pretty poor general manager, but he knew his stuff when it came to the cap and contracts. (Which provides us the obvious lesson about hiring an accountant to run a football team). New GM Billy Devaney has proven himself already as a shrewd personnel guy already, having scored big with last year's draft and hiring Spagnuolo as the new head coach, but he needs good people for the lesser know operations side of things. To that end, he's hired University Tennessee assistant athletic director for football operations Bruce Warwick as the Rams Director of Football Administration.

What the heck is a Director of Football Administration? Good question. In addition to running all the behind-the-scenes stuff a team needs (think facilities, managing camps, etc.) he'll in all likelihood be a contract guy. From 2000-2006 Warwick worked for the Green Bay Packers under the same title, though they did add an Assistant to the General Manager tag to him in Green Bay. There, he did all that AND was responsible for contracts.

It's not as exciting as a new offensive coordinator, but a contract and cap guy is just as important. It's good to see Devaney injecting much needed new blood into the front office; it's a sure sign of a new era at Rams Park.