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What's a Rams fan to do this week?

Is there a game this week or something? Oh wait...

If the team you root for is not playing in the Super Bowl what do you do? Pick a horse in the race? Just go along for the snacks? The long, drawn out two weeks of hype between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl usually make the game a little anticlimactic, unless you've got a stake in the game.

There's a couple of links to the Super Bowl for Rams fans that could go a long way toward determining how you experience the game and who you root for.

  • Obviously, there's Kurt Warner, a name Rams fans will always remember...for a lot of reasons. Bernie Miklasz chronicles the QB's fall from grace in St. Louis, the one that got us our current QB that we're hoping doesn't suffer a similar fate to Warner's mid-decade bottoming out.
  • For fans in the St. Louis area, their old team is playing for the championship. During a little less than three decades in the Gateway City, the Cardinals made the playoffs just three time, losing in the first round each in each of those appearances. Trivia: The LA Rams beat the St. Louis Cardinals 35-23 in the divisional round in 1975. The Rams then lost the Conference Championship to the Cowboys who went on to lose the Super Bowl to the, yep, Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • There's a good discussion on rooting for the Cardinals at this fanpost from segey606.