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Three thoughts about the Senior Bowl and the Rams

The Senior Bowl closed with a whimper this week, one squad didn't even practice with pads on and Mike Martz came away unemployed. The Combine, the next big event after the Super Bowl, will really get the draft talk cranked up as players strut their stuff with undivided attention of NFL coaches. The game itself, sort of anticlimactic at this point, happens this afternoon at 6 p.m. Eastern. You can watch it on the NFL Network. After all the hub-bub, did a week of combing through the reports and talking prospects shine any light on the Rams draft plans? I came away with a few thoughts.


  1. Reevaluating Ole Miss OT Michael Oher. The most written about left tackle in America (and by extension the world) had some real moments of greatness, but also showed a few lapses that did nothing to help the debate about who's the best OT in the draft. He certainly didn't hurt his draft standing. The combine and senior day workouts on campus will help shape what the final draft board looks like. Don't be surprised if there's some movement among the OTs. 
  2. It was a good week for safeties. With the Rams needing to replace Corey Chavous at SS, bolstering the soft middle of their defense, this could be a position to target with the third pick in the second round. S Louis Delmas from Western Michigan was a big winner this week, showing versatility and leadership. Delmas is listed as a FS, but with his skills and a few extra lbs he could make the switch. In prognosticating a replacement for SS Roy Williams the Dallas Morning News said of Delmas, "Maybe too good for the Cowboys, since Delmas might have played his way into the top half of the second round. He might be the most complete safety in the draft." Oregon's Patrick Chung is another SS shooting up the draft board. He had a good week by several accounts
  3. We like Rey Maualuga. Things have to happen, like a trade, for the Rams to land this guy. The need for an OT trumps, but the Lions could screw it all up...they did hire Scott Linehan you know. 
If anyone watches the game this afternoon, report in with your scouting report. The Scouting Combine happens in late February, Feb. 18-24, and free agency opens up on Feb. 27. Get ready for a wild offseason.