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Checking in with the Senior Bowl

On top of all the coaching news dominating headlines this week, there's also the Senior Bowl happening. You can also be forgiven in case you forgot in the midst of all the Super Bowl hype. So what are some Senior Bowl items of interest to the Rams?

You can take a look at the rosters for the North and South teams here.

The Rams are widely expected to draft an OT with the second overall pick (pleeeease), but only one of the potential top five OTs, Michael Oher, is at the Senior Bowl. Without Andre Smith and Eugene Monroe, Oher's stock could rise a bit, as teams get an extended look at the much-chronicled Ole MIss product. One report had Oher looking good in some pretty intense physical battles, but another reporter saw Oher struggle with outside rushers.

Center is another position of interest to the Rams, and it seems like all the top prospects at that position are at the game. Cal's Alex Mack got decent reviews, though top DT prospect B.J. Raji from Boston College gave him trouble. Oregon C Max Unger has shined at times too, but like his counterpart above, has been flattened by some of the DTs trying to show their stuff. Don't forget about Eric Wood, who gets mentioned in that last link, he could be a mid-round steal.

Speaking of DTs, specifically of the nose variety, don't forget about that otehr BC DT Ron Brace. In addition to crashing the pocket, Brace has done well against the run. This could be a guy to watch for after the first round; would it be possible to nab him with our early third round pick?

That's heaping helping of Senior Bowl stuff. I'll gather some LB info for next time. Be sure to post any reports you hear too.