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Spagnuolo and free agent possibilities for the Rams

Now comes the hard part. Having landed a prize catch in Steve Spagnuolo for their head coach and installed true football minds in the front office, the Rams can get on with the arduous task of rebuilding the franchise, finally. The task at hand now for Spags is filling out the rest of the coaching cadre, so it's probably a little premature to start talking about players he might be able to lure to the Gateway City. But, what kind of fans would we be if we weren't already thinking about that? So let's go ahead and put the cart before the horse and ask: what players might Spagnuolo be able to lure to the Rams to help fill the rebuilding team's long list of needs?

WR Amani Toomer, NYG - Wide receiver isn't high on the list of needs for the Rams, but with the possible departure of Torry Holt there may be an opening. Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton are the future-is-now guys atop the depth chart. Toomer, however, would give the Rams a veteran presence, a guy who intimately knows the ins and outs of the game. Plus, Toomer gives the Rams something they currently lack at WR, size. Though long in the tooth, he stills owns great hands. Sure, Drew Bennett is likely back in '09, though counting on him probably isn't a good move.

SS James Bulter, NYG - With first round draft pick Kenny Phillips waiting in the wings, the Giants may not make keeping Bulter a priority. He's exactly what the Rams need to replace Corey Chavous. If he does look for a new home, don't you think Spags might have some sway in convincing him to rejoin him? He could teach Atogwe a thing or two about coverage, and doesn't miss a lot of tackles. This would be a good get for the Rams, especially if they can find a hulking middle linebacker to bolster the middle.

CB Lito Shepard, PHI - We've talked about this guy before, and he's even not-so-subtly suggested a willingness to follow Spags, his former coach. What kind of asking price will the Eagles have though?

CB R.W. McQuarters, NYG - The veteran would be nothing more than depth in St. Louis, but as depth might be a reasonably priced, useful addition for Rams secondary set to have plenty of openings. 

RB Derrick Ward, NYG - This guy would be perfect for the Rams second back, not to replace Steven Jackson, but another weapon on the ground for a power running offense. 

SS Sean Considine, PHI - He started 7 games for the Eagles in 2007, but would fit best on special teams.

QB David Carr, NYG - This guy could be a steal...or a total waste. He looked bad starting for Carolina last season, but when you consider that during his five year tenure as the starter for the woeful Texans he was sacked even more than Marc Bulger, 249 times, as a Rams fan you can kind of understand. He's youngish at 30 next season and could be primed for a rebound. Worlds better than the ghost of Trent Green, Carr could be exactly the kind of backup the Rams need to push Bulger while they search for their QB of the future. Don't forget, Giants QB coach Chris Pamler is on the rumored short list for coaching jobs with the Rams; could that have some sway?

There's room for debate, but any of those players with a connection to Spags (who knows how tight those connections are) would fill a need for the Rams. And don't forget the Senior Bowl is this week, so we'll be talking draft too.