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Rams deciding between Spagnuolo and Frazier

[Note by VanRam, 01/16/09 1:32 PM EST ] Jim Thomas from the PD confirms Frazier and Spagnuolo are the top two picks, with a slight edge to Frazier, for the Rams head coaching job. I suppose it's down to contract details (money & time) and role within the organization (i.e. personnel decision-making). Should have the answer in the next 24 hours.

Oh the excitement. With the interview wrapped up, fans are expecting the Rams to announce their pick for the team's new head coach soon. Could it be today?

Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole cites two sources that say the Rams will name their head today, and that it's a decision between Giants DC Steve Spagnuolo and Vikings DC Leslie Frazier.

I'm not at all surprised by word that the decision is between Spagnuolo and Frazier. That fits right in with discussions we've been having over the last few days, based on bits and pieces of info trickling out of other organizations.

From a PR standpoint, today would be a good time to name the new coach. The story would be get lots of yak time on the football shows surrounding the Conference Championship games this weekend, giving long-beleagured Rams fans something to get excited about as they watch the playoffs. A clearer vision of the teams' future would then be the topic of the week with the Senior Bowl on the horizon for next weekend. It would dominate the week in the St. Louis sports market too (where the PSL buyers live) as the hometown Cardinals sit on their hands this winter and the mediocre Blues skating just twice this upcoming week.