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Friday morning Rams head coaching update: is today the day?

[Note by VanRam, 01/16/09 9:17 AM EST ] Pro Football Talk relays a report from Adam Schefter of that Frazier is the favorite (hat tip to BruinFanBaby's fanshot). It's possible, but Schefter's been wrong on Rams coaching news before, e.g. reporting that Winston Moss would have a second interview with the Rams. Jim Thomas and the Post-Dispatch crew have been much tighter on the coaching news, for obvious reasons, and they maintain that Devaney's not tipping his hand, FWIW.

With the news that Haslett's out of the running for the Rams head coaching job, the picture becomes clearer, a little. Can we also interpret the PD report that Cowboys OC Jason Garrett lacks experience as a sign of his fate too? 

One item to report: Steve Spagnuolo did in fact meet with the Jets owner Woody Johnson this week; however, he is still not considered to be finalist for that job Wouldn't they have hired him by now if he was their man? 

We could essentially be down to three guys: Spagnuolo, Frazier and Ryan. Though Ryan is said to be favored for the Jets job; NY trumps St. Louis. We could have an answer as soon as today. Stay tuned.

Here's the updated head coaching chart.

Coach Current team Current position
Leslie Frazier Minnesota Vikings Def. Coordinator The Rams liked him. Among the top 3.
Jason Garrett Dallas Cowboys Assistant Coach/Off. Coordinator Too inexperienced?
Jim Haslett N/A N/A Good bye.
Rex Ryan Baltimore Ravens Def. Coordinator Reported to be the Jets' pick; still in the playoffs.
Steve Spagnuolo NY Giants Def. Coordinator Interviewed Thursday. Is this the guy?