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Rams closer to having their man for head coach

It's now being reported that the Detroit Lions have named Jim Schwartz as their new head coach. What the hell does that have to do with the Rams, you ask? It means the Rams and Jets are the last two teams in the league still in the process of hiring a head coach.(Oh wait, I guess the Raiders might or might not be looking for a head coach too).

The Jets and Rams are both interested in a couple of coaching candidates: Rex Ryan and Steve Spagnuolo. However, Ryan is reportedly favored by the Jets, and they're reportedly willing to wait out the Ravens postseason run to get their man. Steve  Spagnuolo is on the Jets list too, but has yet to have a second interview with owner Woody Johnson, a sign that seems to confirm word that Ryan and Brian Schottenheimer are the top two candidates for the job. Spagnuolo has his interview today with Devaney and Rams ownership in LA.

So other than Rex Ryan, the Rams essentially have their pick of their finalist candidates, other than Ryan. And if they act fast enough, they won't have to compete with a potential opening for a head coach in KC.  My hunch tells me it's between Spagnuolo and Frazier.

There is, however, a potential new wrinkle, albeit one based on thin evidence, that Spagnuolo is insisting on control over the 53-man roster as a head coach. Brash, no? I'd have to think the Rams would be hesitant to ceed such power to a head coach after Linehan's input on personnel proved to be so disasterous. Or this could jsut be hearsay, and with Devaney's success in the personnel department since coming aboard, it seems unlikely he'd be willing to or asked to give that up. Together, Spagnuolo and Devaney might make a pretty good team though.

I'll go ahead and predict right now that Steve Spagnuolo is the Rams' next head coach.

Other items of interest...

  • If Spagnuolo is hired as the Rams head coach, could he convince the team to trade for Eagles CB Lito Sheppard? As the former Philly DC, Spags is certainly familiar with Sheppard. Here's what Sheppard said when asked about it, "If he's smart." 
  • Scott Linehan had a second interview for the 49ers offensive coordinator job.