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2009 Rams free agents - offense

With plenty of roster turnover predicted - and needed - the Rams may get some help through parting ways with some free agents. Which Rams free agents should the team hang hang on to and which ones should go? Let's take a look.

QB Brock Berlin - He's a Restricted free agent (RFA), and probably worth keeping around to see if he can earn the vaunted 3rd QB spot in camp this summer.

RB Sakmon Gado - Why bother?

RB Travis Minor - A Linehan employee, Minor hasn't really contributed much beyond special teams. With the Rams in the market for a studly #2 RB and Brian Leonard coming back from injury, Minor would be a major inconvenience on the roster.

KR/WR Dante Hall - Adios. Some much needed money off the books for the Rams, the close of another "meh" free agent story.

WR Dane Looker - They guy played hard this season, and probably earned the right to compete for a roster spot next year. He surely wouldn't be expensive to keep around, at least in his role as a holder.

OG Richie Incognito, RFA - He has value, or does he? See our earlier discussion(s) of Incognito's future with the Rams.

OG Mark Setterstrom, RFA - If he can play, I'd love to see him in uniform again. The Rams could certainly use him. Unfortunately, a shattered knee cap may have ended his career.

OT Brandon Gorin - The Rams signed him to a one year deal last spring, and then he got injured in camp an put on IR. Might be worth considering for depth competition at camp.

OL Adam Goldberg - Played 2008 on a one year deal. He's been useful as a depth guy, playing multiple positions on the line. Probably worth keeping since he'd be cheap.

Alright, weigh in.