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Head coach candidate scouting reports

I've posted scouting reports for all five finalists for the Rams head coaching job in the fan shots below.

All certainly have their merits, and fans of each candidate's current team seem high on each of them. These, obviously, represent a single opinion on each coach, but I think there's value in accounting for the fan perspective on each guy, as opposed to what we already know from the pundits.

In case you're getting here via direct link, I've posted the scouting report links below for your browsing convenience. (And if you haven't joined the Turf Show Times community, be sure to do so. There's plenty to weigh in on as the Rams go through a makeover this offseason. It's not for marketing or anything like that, it just allows you to comment, post, etc. We do the registration to avoid spam. Just click "join" on the left side of the screen.)