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Could the Giants keep Spagnuolo?

Here's a new wrinkle in the Rams search for a head coach. Some are starting to think the Giants DC Steve Spagnuolo is the favorite, and GM Billy Devaney and ownership interview him tomorrow. He's on the short list for the Jets and Lions too, but he doesn't look like the favorite in either case. 

But there's another team in the mix: the Giants.

With Tom Coughlin's contract expiring in 2011, the Giants might consider an offer to Spagnuolo to be the head coach in waiting. From the NY Daily News:

Giants GM Jerry Reese said Monday the team would consider making Spagnuolo a "head coach-in-waiting" if it would keep him from leaving for another team. It would be an unprecedented move by the Giants, but since Tom Coughlin's current contract expires in 2011 when he will be 65, they could promise Spagnuolo the job would be his then.

"We consider everything here," Reese said. "We try to consider everything."

The Rams finish up their interview tomorrow with Spagnuolo, so expect news soon thereafter.