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Fullback shopping

I thought I'd follow up this morning's post with a quick look at available fullbacks. Yeah, exciting...fullbacks. You can tell we're waiting out the head coach news, huh?

The Rams can pursue a FB via free agency, but the list is pretty thin...and old. Among the few names with less than 10 seasons playing time, two stand out: Arizona's Terrelle Smith and Seattle's Leonard Weaver. I suspect both will resign with their teams; Weaver sounds like a priority for Seattle. So much for that. 

So we turn to the draft, and the Rams ought to be able to get a tank in the late rounds. Yes, I fight the temptation to take every available defensive and offensive lineman in the late rounds, but a FB is basically an extra OL, in so many ways. All the names on this list are projected to go in the last two rounds, at least according to this site. All would seem to be the blocker the Rams need. Jovorskie Lane from Texas A & M piques my interest at 270+ lbs and a 4.76 second 40. As a blocker in a power running game, a rookie FB's job would be easy, and he could plow through for first downs and TDs in short yardage situations while gradually be integrated into more plays. But for now, all the Rams need is a lead blocker and a third/fourth down dozer, and Brian Leonard ain't it.