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Rams mystery coaching candidate is Jason Garrett

Not who I thought it was, but, there again, why I don't bet. Quick scouting report on Garrett courtesy of Blogging the Boys, via Mile High Report, right here

Interesting quotes of note:

He runs the timing offense that he learned under Norv Turner when Garrett was the backup QB for the Cowboys in the 90's and Turner was the OC. It's a vertical passing game backed by a power running game....The passing scheme is a deep read, then intermediate and short-read system that values getting the ball downfield. Personally, I think he tended to get pass-happy on occasion and benfitted from Tony Sparano's run-first mentality when they shared the play-calling duties in 2007.

Doesn't exactly fit with the Rams' stated desire to develop a team identity as a power running game, but would work well with the new parts like Donnie Avery and the old Turf Show legacy as well as getting Steven Jackson more involved in the passing game again through screens and the option. 

He still gets high regard from the Cowboys perspective:

Overall, I think he's a very good coach with a potentially great future. He's smart, he's not overly-emotional and he knows what he wants to do. He's still young and learning though and he did make some mistakes in 2008. I hope you guys don't hire him because I want him back as our OC in 2009.

Wonder who they'd bring in as a defensive coordinator? It'd have to be someone who can establish an identity for the Rams D.