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Open Thread: Divisional Playoffs, Saturday 1/10

Well, those of you still interested - what the hell else do you have to do today? - here's an open thread for all your playoffs needs.

Quick note on the Rams coaching search: it's totally up in the air right now, and prepare to be surprised as the picture gets clearer. The most obvious candidate last week will invariably fall out of the running before all the shooting stops. What to make of this Josh McDaniels report in the PD? Who knows. It's a good sign the Rams interviewed him. I know people have various feelings about former New England assistants (hey, maybe he could confirm out taping suspicions for us...), but a young guy like that might be a good get, a new face for the franchise, a new generation, new era of Rams football. Maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on the literary connections of the head coaching search (what else is there to go on?), but isn't a new face and new era exactly what this team needs? Bringing back Jim Haslett and Mike Martz...well, kind of a gross analogy but, it's kind of like remarrying a spouse that beat the shit of you just because they've promised to change.

The early game today features two potential Rams coaches: the Titans DC Jim Schwartz and the Ravens DC Rex Ryan. My gut tells me Ryan gets the job; he interviews tomorrow. But by gut's usually wrong in things not related to food, so take it for what it's worth. Follow the developments via 3k's handy coaching chart, we'll keep it updated and rotating on top of the page as developments happen.

Some programming notes for the week ahead: I'm going to put together a mock draft aggregator, similar to 3k's coaching chart, so we can keep track of the various pundit prognostication for the Rams second overall pick. Also, a look at the Rams on 3rd down this season. And of course, plenty of coaching talk. Please feel free to throw out suggestions for 3k an myself and as always take full advantage of the fanposts/fanshots, even if you want to discuss a movie you saw last week (it is the offseason) it's cool.

Here's a link to the SBN NFL playoff scoreboard. Enjoy the day.