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Rams looking for veteran receivers

UPDATE: The Rams will sign Eddie Kennison and release David Vobora by the end of the day, according to PD's Jim Thomas.

With Bennett out, the Rams will take a close look at veteran free agents still floating around on the open market.

Possibilities include former Rams and long-time Chief Eddie Kennison. The biggest advantage the 35-year-old Kennison brings is his familiarity with Al Saunders' offense. Kennison suffered a hamstring injury in his first game last season, and watched his career descend into oblivion before being released by the Chiefs this year. The PD story linked here cites team sources who say that Kennison will visit Rams Park today, most likely taking a physical.

Other veteran free agent receiver possibilities include Joe Horn, 36, and Keenan McCardell, 38(!). McCardell played for Saunders in Washington last season. The Seahawks are desperate for receiving help too.

While I do understand the Rams need for a veteran to round out their depth at WR, I remain convinced that the best option for the Rams is to throw Keenan Burton into the fire right away. He was a better option than Bennett from the start, showing a better grasp of the playbook than Bennett and better rhythm with Bulger through the preseason. More importantly, as I said this morning, Burton's young and hungry, eager to cement his place in the NFL. That would give the Rams something they desperately lacked this weekend, players with a little fire in the belly.