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Linehan accepts blame for flat Rams

In the wake of Sunday's meltdown, Rams fans demanded accountability. We invested our excitement and trust in this team to bounce back from last year's 3-13 record, watched what appeared to be a good camp and preseason and got rewarded with a blowout where the only thing on display was a healthy dose of apathy.

In yesterday's presser, Linehan accepted culpability for the Rams performance.

"We didn't play very well, and it's my job to get the team prepared to play. ... If you want to put your eyes on the person that didn't get their job done, it's me."

Good first step. The next step is the big one, getting the team motivated and synced to prevent further embarrassment and keep fans interested in the team. We'll see how the team responds in the coming days, with the big test against the Super Bowl champs on Sunday. I realize the Rams aren't likely to win, but if the team is as flat as they were last week, there have to be consequences.