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Rams fans make their voices heard

If there was any hidden nugget of gold to be found somewhere in ruined weekend for Rams fans, look no further than right here at Turf Show Times. Enthusiastic fans poured out, a nascent community of fans rallied by their disappointment channeled their frustration into some of the most entertaining reading of the football season, at the expense of the team they came to root for.

The comments set records, numerically and comedically. This may look like an easy post, but it would be a real shame we didn't share the best of the best to casual readers and everyone else guaging the state of professional football in St. Louis. On with the show.

On the game's Xs & Os

From WestCoastBuc

And if anybody who isn't watching the game wants to know

if this is as bad as the score makes it look, the answer is no – it is worse. The Rams have actually been pretty lucky on several plays. Bulger threw at least 4 balls that easily could have been intercepted and one of them would have been returned for a TD. Samuels had the ball in his hands and just dropped it.

Bulger’s fumble bounced right back into his lap.

No pressure at all on McNab, while the Ram offensive line has no answer at all for the Eagles blitzes. I think we have a shot this year at the first overall pick in the draft instead of having to settle for #2.

That doesn't even get to the play of the secondary. From Tackle Box:

-Ron Bartell offends my football senses.
-Tye Hill and Fakhir Brown aren’t much better.

Ouch. And this one from ViperLjs:

The run game was nullified also, but that was mostly due to the fact that the secondary made everyone look like Usain Bolt.

And it gets better from there. After the jump, Linehan,

The first call for Linehan's head came prior to the start of the second half. Here's WestCoastBuc:

Is it too early to call for Linehan's head

It got better from there, and calls for accountability merged with predictions. From empire:

It starts at the top. Head Coach. Should have been cut loose mid season last year. This team hasn’t been prepared to play a complete game of football during his entire tenure.

Like pet owners that look like their pets, a team takes on the personality of it’s coach. Timid soft, lackadaisical (Seriously Torry, off field penalty on the opening drive.. wtf).

Long time TSTer Option27 summed it up thusly:

I would have to think that maybe a couple more embarrassing losses for the Rams would mean an earlier firing of Linehan?

The faster we get of this guy, the sooner this mess can be averted.

Downing Rules on Holt's disappearance and other options:

If he can still run let’s put him on defense. This is an embarrassment. 90 yd TD pass with under a minute left.

Finally, some advice from from long time reader stlouiscardinalsfang:

i don’t even want to try and breakdown this game because it will make me even more mad over it. i’m just going to pretend this didn’t happen, not read any rams coverage all week, and put my shirt on again next sunday and start it all over again.

A great week for comments. that said, please remember to be civil to each other and appropriate.