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Postgame: Rams at Eagles week 1


That was craptastic. I knew the Rams were the underdog for a reason, but this was worse than anyone expected.

Question: Do the Rams consider trading for Lito Sheppard? Seriously. A third, even second, round pick...and Brian Leonard? What would it take?

The secondary's lousy play was only part of the story. If Leonard Little's gone for an extended period of time, they'll be even more exposed. 

The offense was ugly too. I say bury Drew Bennett on the depth chart and start using Burton in his place. You'll never know he was gone. But that's only part of the problem. Do you start thinking about the first overall pick? Who do you take? Probably need to go for hte best OT in the draft. But a at this point, I'm ready to completely turn over a new leaf and take Tebow. Sad to be thinking about the draft already, but I'm in a foul mood. And all those wasted drafts, right up until 2008, just sting even more. 

Let's hope Leonard Little can recover. And Pace. 

This is not goo my friends, not good at all. The only winners today, besides the Eagles and McNabb fantasy owners, are buyers looking to get a team on the cheap.

[UPDATED, 7:30 p.m. CST: Wow. the more I think about this debacle the hotter I get. and the game beers have even worn off now. I don't think you can even effectively express how terrible this looked today - the comments did a pretty nice job today though, seriously. This team isn't so threadbare of talent it can't at least compete with the Eagles. Nobody really expected a win (and if they did, they've since become nihilists), but we at least wanted to see a game. An interception, a great tackle, even a, dare I say it, touchdown. If fans are going to be expected to buy tickets, in all serious, they have to known they're going to see something better than this. Expect blackouts.