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St. Louis Rams @ Philadelphia Eagles, week 1

Well, this is it. Now it counts, and we get to see just how far the Rams have come since last year's disaster. A game in Philly can always be interesting.

Rams injuries

Eagles injuries
  • Kevin Curtis WR (hernia) is out. Reggie Brown WR (hamstring) did not participate in practice and is likely out. Victor Abiamiri DE (wrist) is out.
  1. The defensive front. The young guys on the line will have to work hard to contain Westbrook and McNabb, making sure Leonard Little has all the support he needs to do his job. The linebackers, too, will need the guys in front of them to play hard so they don't get tied up with blockers and can contain Westbrook from breaking off big plays and catching passes in the middle.
  2. Steven Jackson. How ready is he? We'll find out today. I think he'll be used in the full capacity for screens and such, but I'll still be surprised if Pittman doesn't take a few extra carries. Either way, the interior line has a lot to prove and they'll have to make sure holes are open enough for the runner to punch it up the gut.
  3. Wide receivers. It would be nice to have Avery's speed to spread the field, and keep the Eagles from stacking the box. Torry Holt, as you may know, is no slouch, but he'll be in double coverage plenty. Dante Hall will spread the field from the slot a few times, and watch for Keenan Burton to get some work moving the chains. He'll get lots of work if Drew Bennett is still shaking off the rust...or suckiness.
The game's on FOX today...maybe.
The pundits have already picked a winner, but limbs were made for walking on, and I'll optimistically proclaim a Rams victory. For football betting odds, expert NFL predictions, even and free picks, check with an expert like Doc's Sports.

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