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Two more days

The Rams got a nice preview of their week opponent last night, the NY Giants, in the 2008 NFL season's kickoff game. Not to jump ahead here, but I noticed the Redskins managed two sacks of Eli Manning last night, both from dancin' Jason Taylor. Reading that in the box score, I couldn't help but wonder about Leonard Little's chances of wrecking havoc on the Giants offense. 

I'm a fan, so have a certain bias, but it's hard not to be optimistic right now. 

Bummer that Donnie Avery most likely won't play this week. Against those elite Philly cornerbacks the Rams could use every weapon they've got. Of course, maybe that's not the game to get a deep threat rookie WR acclimated to the NFL going one-on-one with those guys.

Interesting juxtaposition of articles in the PD this morning, a look at the Eagles Brian Westbrook, who like Rams fan favorite Marshall Faulk (and Steven Jackson) is a double threat RB. Above that, is a profile of rookie Rams LB Chris Chamberlain,  the seventh round pick impressing everyone through the preseason. Anyway, in the Westbrook piece, there's discussion at the end about using an extra d-back or linebacker to defend against him. For the Rams, that man might just be Chris Chamberlain, whose coverage skills made him a must-have for the roster. Pretty intense draw for a rookie, so I don't expect to see Chamberlain on all the reps. The safeties will likely get some extra reps against Westbrook. 

Working on a look at the Rams depth at some key positions right now, and will have that up later this morning.