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Random Ramsdom, 9/4: Steven Jackson ready to go

A few items of interest to start your morning.

  • First and foremost, Rams head coach Scott Linehan insists that running back Steven Jackson is ready to go...and will carry a full load in week one against the Eagles. The AP ran wide and far with that story.
  • CB Fakhir Brown suited up for a full practice yesterday.
  • Preseason injury list mainstays OJ Atogwe, Anthony Becht, and Drew Bennett were removed from the injury list and practiced in full yesterday. Also off that notorious list and practicing yesterday: Dante Hall and Orlando Pace. Still on the list, Brian Leonard did practice yesterday.
  • Four pundits at predict Scott Linehan won't be back in 2009. Bernie Miklasz at the PD says Linehan must emerge as a true leader to keep the Rams from futility. 
  • Peter King, taking a break from Favre  worshipping, says Eagles 27, Rams 10 this weekend. 
  • Not in enough time for the Rams game, but Lito Sheppard's agent, Drew Rosenhaus (who else), says Sheppard will be traded soon. Others are dubious
  • Speaking of Lito Sheppard, there's a little situation brewing between him, his agent, and the Eagles other starting corner, Sheldon Brown, thanks to Rosenhaus' remarks about Brown starting in front of Sheppard. 

27-10! @#%@$*& that. Odds makers say the Eagles are a 7.5 point favorite. We'll see what happens. More to come...