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Fakhir Brown back to the Rams?

We were all a little shocked when the Rams cut CB Fakhir Brown. He was the team's best CB, but his play was, well, different and speculation about problems between Brown and the coaching staff followed. It was, after all, Linehan that cut him. 

But Brown's a Haslett guy. Brown's been called a favorite of the Rams new head coach; he followed Haslett from New Orleans to St. Louis.  

When I heard the news yesterday that Haslett had been tapped to replace Linehan, one of the first things I thought was whether or not we might see Fakhir Brown in a Rams uniform again. (Honestly, I thought it was strange no other team had swept in, but price tag could have had something to do with that). Anyway, it's not like Brown's the second coming of Champ Bailey, but with Tye Hill out for a month and the d-backs still questionable bringing back Brown could help the Rams, especially if he's playing at 110%.

Lo and behold, buried in this post from Steve Korte of the Belleville News Democrat is a note that Haslett would like to bring back Brown.