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Random Ramsdom, 9/3: just browsing for veteran help

A few time wasters to start your day as fall looms and the Rams start the season in just four days. As always, back with more soon.

  • Some big(ish) names came by Rams Park for a visit yesterday. Recently released CB Fernando Bryant from the Patriots and CB Hank Poteat came by, but left without contracts. Bryant was tabbed to be the starter in New England heading into camp, so he's probably waiting for an offer to wow him. Guess I'm cornerback happy, but adding Bryant might be nice.  
  • Former Bengals OT Willie Anderson and the Rams have also talked (same link) as the Rams think o-line depth. (same link) Were the Rams to add another OL, I'd have to think they'll waive Roy Schuening...maybe swap him out on the practice squad. 
  • Don't underestimate additions like LB Gary Stills. He improves the special teams instantly, and with this schedule making things as air tight as possible counts. He's an upgrade over Tim McGarigle, who was released to make room for Stills.
  • Nick Leckey, Adam Goldberg, and even Alex Barron are playing with a little more spring and nasty in their step this season. Hiring new o-line coach Steve Loney has been a boost to the Rams. 
  • Captains have been elected.
  • No love for the preseason?
  • Glad this guy's not a Ram: Tatum Bell robbed Rudi Johnson.  
Back at you soon.