Mortensen: Rams Fire Linehan

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It looks like Chip Rosenbloom made good on his word. I'm not sold on Jim Haslett being named the interim coach, although he's the best in-house option we have. You may recall after the Martz firing that Joe Vitt lead the team to some improbable victories (Jaguars) with a firey leadership style similar to that of Haslett. The defense was much improved yesterday, getting pressure and forcing bad throws (Ron Bartell played out of his mind); so did the offense, with the line getting just enough push for SJ to break a couple off. All and all, it's a step in the right direction, but I think that most of us can agree that as much of the problem lies with upper management (i.e., John Shaw, Jay Zygmunt) as it does with the day-to-day football side of things.


Ed. Note from VanRam: Nothing personal against Linehan, but this is good news for the team. There was an obvious, irreconcilable gap between players and the head coach. Haslett might be a fine interim, as he'll most likely be looking for a head coaching job somewhere relatively soon, and this gives him a 12 game audition to take a team considered by many to be the worst in the league and salvage something. I have my doubts too, but am willing to judge it all as it happens. 

Yes, we still need to make changes in the front office, but it sounds like those will come after the season, per this report in the Post-Dispatch today: "After the season, changes will be made to the team's management structure." There's more of a transition process there, and I suspect they'll want to make it a peaceable separation between the management personnel that Georgia was close too, i.e. a face-saving retirement or reassignment. Zygmunt would be fine as a cap guy and cap guy only. 

 Anyway...we'll see what happens. I really hope this move and those that follow are a serious effort to reinvigorate this franchise, not just a quick fix.