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Woe and 4

Rams fans everywhere were pleasantly surprised by the start the team had in yesterday's game.

Then the second half started, and just like last year, the Rams played two very uneven halves. Just look at the disparity in rushing yards for Steven Jackson between the halves. Another thing to remember is that Buffalo got off to a slow start against the Raiders last week, actually having to again come back in the 4th quarter. (That's a bad sign for them).

Today is all about watching the Rams front office. Head coach Scott Linehan will in all likelihood be fired. Will other moves accompany that? The Rams need to close the book on the Linehan Era - even Tiki Barber said on NBC last night that he's lost the players and needs to go. But the problems are more systemic than the head coach. Linehan's a symptom. So is the lack of talent of this team that kept them from holding their lead and getting blown out in a single quarter.

We know Linehan's a goner, but the change needs to be made in the front office too. Rosenbloom knows this. The Rams new owner has to either find a buyer for this team or hang onto it and make money. He can't do either one with the state the Rams are in now.

Stay tuned. Could be a wild day.