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Rams vs Buffalo Bills, week 4, 9/28/08

Welcome to the Trent Green era of Rams football. In case you're just waking up after a long night, no, this is not the year 2000. It's still '08 and the Rams find themselves on the precipice of change, already having reached irrelevancy sometime last season.

Jobs are on the line this week, mostly head coach Scott Linehan's, but the blue and gold clad Rams fans, still decked out in Marshall Faulk jerseys that recall better times, have turned into pitchfork toting masses have turned on GM Jay Zygmunt, whose deftness with a calculator has led to a depleted core of players. And fans demand a better product than what they've been given.

We knew the early schedule was going to be tough, and this week's game has been made even tougher by the emergence of the Bills and the incredibly poor play of the Rams thus far. The Rams are an 8.5 point underdog, and have yet to beat the spread this season. Not beating the spread this week is sure to force changes. Stay tuned.

Nevertheless, I'd still like to see a good game. I'm a fan; that's what I do; that's why I watch. A Donnie Avery touchdown dance sure would do wonders for the psyche, no?

For the Bills' perspective, head over to Buffalo Rumblings.

The game's on CBS this week, so fans of that networks, calmer, more rational approach to broadcasting NFL football should be happy to have a break from the usual Fox broadcasts. Fans of online viewing can catch some football today at; although, the Rams game is not featured.