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Linehan throws it back to Bulger

The wackiness continues at Rams Park. Buzz about Jackson's radio comments started to take off, and when Linehan was asked about SJ's remarks, he said that he had not spoken to SJ about them but he planned to. The conversation, according to the coach, will not be made available for public consumption.

But, the real interesting parlay of the presser was Linehan's volley over whether or not QB Marc Bulger had said anything to the head coach regarding his rumored unwillingness to play for Linehan anymore, from the PD: 

"He's never given me any (such) indication. I know he's disappointed with my decision. He's practiced very well this week, and worked hard, and all those things. If that's his feeling, he's never mentioned that to me. You have to ask him that particular question."

Maybe I've been too swept up in presidential politics and economic meltdowns lately, but I read this and get the sense that Linehan effectively knows Bulger's position. How can he not? There's a history of tension between the two. Linehan's in a tough spot here, he can't say anything to alienate his QB in case he needs to come back to Bulger to start. He can't say something along the lines of "we talked, we'll work it out" because if they haven't talked and Bulger says that whenever he does take questions Linehan will look like a fool. Dodging the question completely wasn't a good option either. 

Will Bulger talk to the press? Certainly he will at some point, after there's been some kind of detente between himself and the team, but expecting something salacious isn't reasonable. 

Interestingly enough, there seems to be some kind of gag order on disgruntled Rams players. The mysteriously disappeared Fakhir Brown has said nothing since his releases, but you can bet he and his agents phones were ringing off the hook, (Brown's in a tough spot because he needs to find work with another team, really, before he can do much to tint his reputation one way or another, and he'll need to convey what happened without media noise to his potential suitors). Other players are still talking, but in strange language, coded so as to gloss over the turmoil yet acknowledge frustrations, see Orlando Pace's "Hopefully I do my job so I don’t get replaced" remark. 

Then there was Torry Holt's line from yesterday, pointed out by our own Tackle Boxin the comments. The Rams WR admitted to shock at Bulger's benching, declined comment on whether it was the right decision, and then smartly went back to the "do my job" talk and pointed out the positives. (Here's a piece on Holt's remarks from Steve Korte at the Belleville News Democrat).

So what's going on at Rams Park? Who the hell knows. It's an evolving situation with many more shoes still to drop.