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Rams players unhappy with team moves

Not interested in Wall Street news? No problem. The Rams are providing a little bit of meltdown theatre right here in our backyard.

The always vocal running back Steven Jackson very publically criticized the Rams and head coach Scott Linehan's decision to bench QB Marc Bulger. He called it the "wrong decision," but offered no thoughts on where the problem might least not directly as all otehr signs point to a cold(er) war in the locker room between players and coach.

Jackson went on to suggest that Bulger would not be willing to return to the Rams starting lineup and team sources told the Post-Dispatch that Bulger does not want to play for head coach Scott Linehan.

So here we are. The situation will reach critical mass at some point, sooner rather than later. Either Linehan's going to get canned or Bulger's days as a Rams are numbered, maybe both, but odds are Linehan goes first, especially if this week's results mirror last week's, and the week before, and the week before that.

Stay tuned.