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Rams make lineup changes to address defensive failures

Not to be left out after switching starting QBs, the Rams defense will see some changes this week.

Obviously, replacing the released Fakhir Brown at CB was one move, and the Rams have asked Tye Hill to fill the void, giving him a chance to get confidence back.

They also made second year DT Clifton Ryan the starter in place of La'Roi Glover. The Rams have left Ryan on the sidelines far too much this season, and we've been arguing here that last year's rookie surprise should have been seeing more snaps anyway. This is a good move.

DE Victor Adeyanju will replace DE James Hall on the left side. Don't be shocked. Adeyanju's a run stopping specialist and the Rams have been getting killed on the ground. They've allowed an average of 184.3 rushing yards per game and a total of 553, only the Lions have allowed more. The Rams and Lions both have allowed 6 rushing TDs, worst in the NFC.

Swapping out LB Quiton Culberson with Chris Draft should also help that weak run defense. It's now obvious that letting Brandon Chillar walk was a mistake.

Rams Gab has a spot on analysis, which is awfully tough to disagree with, so head over there for the full run down.