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Marshall Faulk to meet with Rams owner

The Rams seem more like an investment bank lately than a pro football team, mired in crisis, in need of a bailout, with nobody having any good answers to the situation. You can always count on Marshall Faulk for an opinion, though.

Is Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom seeking Faulk's opinion on the matter? Who knows. But the symbol of Rams past glory told Dan Patrick on his radio show today that he has a meeting scheduled with Rosenbloom. Faulk said he did not know what the meeting was about. It's hard not to hear this news and think changes are coming, unless maybe Rosenbloom wants to gag Faulk's very public criticism of the team.

He also weighed in on the Rams QB situation, saying that naking Trent Green as the starter was a mistake given the play of the Rams line. He even added  that Green shouldn't be playing football anymore because of his concussion history.