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Rams @ Seattle Seahawks, postgame humiliation thread

Let's frame this in customer service terms. You go to a deli, order a sandwich, bite into it and it's no good. The lettuce is rotten, the meat tastes funny, bad all around. Having dropped ten bucks for your lunch, you naturally take it to the counter, where the manager apologizes and commits to making it right. "Won't happen again my friend." You take the manager at his word. Hey, it's their business, they don't want to lose customers. The next week, you figure it's time to give the place another shot. Another dud. Same thing: you return it, manager gives you an explanation, you walk away troubled by the incident, but maybe somewhat understanding. Could just be bad luck. The meat delivery guy didn't show up, something like that. 

A little more time passes. Your sense of loyalty to the neighborhood sandwich man trumps your weariness about two bad sammys. The place deserves one last shot before you default to the corporate sandwich place with meat from God knows where. Dammit, if the sandwich isn't a stinker again. No more excuses. No more loyalty to the local guy. Any sensible person at that points finds something else. If the place can't pull it together and turn out a decent product in three tries, why flush your money down the toilet there.

The Rams have just handed us another bad sandwich. And something needs to be done. Now. No threats of future action. No more second, third, fourth, chances. The Rams needed to do something against the Seahawks today, but all they did was lay another egg.

You can find fault all around. The run defense was terrible, shades of Jimmy Kennedy terrible. The backfield let no-name receivers look like Pro Bowlers. On the other side of the ball, the offensive line was terrible, again. Steven Jackson wasn't able to top 3 yards per carry. Bulger, though he was sacked only once, threw from his back foot, again, gun shy from and rushed. Dante Hall continues to take up precious space in the locker room. And on, and on, and on.

The Rams were once again humiliated. It's time for some real accountability this week.