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Week 3: Rams at Seahawks, Sep 21, 2008, game thread

The time has come for the Rams to erase the painful memories of a difficult/embarrassing start to the season. At this point, nothing less than a win may be acceptable, as the schedule doesn't get any friendlier for a long time. Jobs depend on it. A loss this week, particularly one as ugly as the last two, most certainly will herald regime change at Rams Park; what part of the regime remains to be seen.

Two big injuries to report: RDE Leonard Little and LG Jacob Bell are questionable.

The Seahawks are also looking to get on track and get their first win of the season, in what they've got to be thinking of as a lay-up. Better watch that. For the Seahawks perspective, visit our friends over at Field Gulls.

What else is there to say?