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Must we remind you that the stakes are high for the Rams

I'm not all that surprised about this post from the Post-Dis' Bill Coats - noting Linehan's practice looking much like his starting lineup last Sunday after talking up the benefits of playing the youngsters. After the Rams loss in week two we began wondering if maybe head coach Scott Linehan should tap into rookie enthusiasm to give the team and players a spark. But with the maybe, finally with consequences looming Linehan feels that he has to go to his veteran guys, knowing as we do that they have once been capable of playing respectably. Less likely to make a mistake (oh the irony). The devil you know.

Are they though? Age and injury have taken their toll on some of the Rams veterans. There's no question about Corey Chavous heart, but his legs aren't in it anymore, not for every down. Mike Sando at ESPN broached this earlier today:

Any decision to play rookies before their time generally comes once a team gives up on a season and starts looking to the future. Scott Linehan cannot afford to do that.