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Rams WR Keenan Burton may need surgery

Watching the game unfold this Sunday, I kept wondering why the Rams weren't throwing more balls to WR Keenan Burton. Turns out, Burton was playing hurt with a knee injury sustained the week before against the Eagles. 

Burton will have an MRI to determine whether or not he'll need arthroscopic surgery on his knee. If that's the case, Burton could be out for several weeks. No denying the kid has the right attitude - something some of his teammates seem to lack - as he tried to play through it without saying anything. Unfortunately, for as much as we like to see a player with heart, players put their long-term playing time at risk as well as pose a risk to the team when they do that. And there's no need to ruin your career for the 2008 version of the Rams. 

Donnie Avery was able to practice last week, but didn't see much time against the Eagles. He'll be active against Seattle this week, and I for one would like to see him play a role as the third WR. Using Dante Hall in that spot last week gave the Rams nothing, except for a chance to see that Hall has definitely lost a step, a step the speedy Avery can easily replace. Of course, the o-line will have to give the Rams passing game a chance. Using Avery would at least give fans something to root for, some reassurance about the team's second round pick in the draft and the first WR taken.