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Rams vs Gaints: an inside look at the Giants

It's time to put last week behind us. The Rams season may have officially started with that wash out in Philly, but this weekend's home opener represents something of a restart, hitting the button on the front of your Nintendo after being quickly thwarted on the first level. The stakes are just a little higher in this instance.

The prospects of facing the reigning Super Bowl champion Giants are duanting to say the least. Fluke or not, they're still the champs. In some ways, I think I'd rather the Rams play a tough opponent this week than a patsy, like the Rams became last week. An matchup like this forces the team to be sharp and play mistake free football, ideally anyway, because anything less promises a quick end and long, drawn out game.

Later this afternoon, I'm going to take a look at the stats. Right now, let's get to know the Giants, the 2008 version. For that, we once again turn to our own Giants blogger, Ed at Big Blue View. Confessing that I knew very little about the Giants other than they 1) won the Super Bowl, 2) did so with a mean pass rush, and 3) are heavily favored to beat the Rams this week, I went one on one with BBV earlier this week to get a better picture.

1. The Giants play in what might be the toughest division in the NFL. How do stack up against the Eagles and Cowboys? Can they top either of those two teams?

Personally, I think there is a strong chance all three of those teams end up in the playoffs.Can the giants top them? All the experts say the Cowboys are the best. All I know is, when it counted most last season, the Giants were better. The Eagles are good, but the Giants are the defending champ. Let's see these guys knock them off.

2. Nobody was as flat as the Rams last week, but it's no stretch to say that the Redskins played poorly. What did you see last week that concerns you about the Giants?

Not enough points. The Giants completely dominated the Redskins, but only won 16-7. They did pretty much everything they wanted, running and passing. Yet, only 16 points. They could have had 30. The Giants have so many weapons offensively they can't find ways to get them all on the field. They need to translate all those weapons and opportunities into more points.

3. The Giants have some young guys in the secondary and among the linebackers. Do you foresee that being a problem?

Not really. The secondary is young, but extremely talented. The linebacking corps might be a little thin, but I only say that because I am not sure how much young guys like Bryan Kehl or Jonathan Goff are ready to contribute if they need to play major roles at some point.

4. How do you beat the Giants this season?

Well, the one thing you are not doing is going up and down the field on that defense, even without Osi Umenyiora. Way too many playmakers. You're going to need a big play or two on special teams. You are going to need to take the run away, which isn't easy with Brandon Jacobs running through people. You are going to need turnovers, and your best bet to get those is still to force Eli Manning to make bad decisions. All in all, not an easy task. Unless you get the Giants to help you.

5. If the Giants were a film, what film would it be?

Oh, man. I'm not a film buff, so this is not an easy one for me. I'll stick with sports films, and the one I think of is 'Cinderella Man.' An obviously flawed, heavy underdog that goes on an unexpected run to glory and winds up winning a title by beating a seemingly unbeatable champion.


Note the confidence. Remember what that was like?

Thanks again to Ed at Big Blue View. Back with some stats after lunch.