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Random Ramsdom, 9/11: more playing time for Keenan Burton

Some Rams news items of note this morning, starting with the most exciting. Back at you in a jiff.

  • Some good news, Linehan said that Burton and Looker will have their roles increased with Bennett out. We'll how Looker does, but I'm looking forward to the Rams giving Burton the chance in this game. If they can keep the Giants pass rush at bay, Burton could have a nice day.
  • Avery's role for the week is less clear. He did practice yesterday and will play for sure by week three. Let the kid return punts or kicks.
  • This is funny. It's a compare and contrast at Fox's announcers from last week's "game" analyzing some of the Rams decisions and player personnel with what actually happened. My favorite:  

The Rams' decision to defer after winning the coin toss was smart, because "you don't want your offense out there early. Send your defense out there, try to get a three and out, establish field position early."

  • Tye Hill played himself out of a automatic starting role last week, and the Rams are looking at different packages in the backfield. Plaxico Burress will probably have to be double covered much of the time, and the Rams d-backs need sticky hands to be prepared to take advantage of a shaky Eli Manning, who narrowly missed an INT or two last week.
  • Former Ram Madison Hedgecock, new contract in hand, is excited to play the team that cut him
  • It could be a rough week for anyone who has Steven Jackson on their fantasy team. Or could it? The Giants do an excellent job clogging up the middle, but their pass rush will force the Rams do plenty of quick passes (like they should have done last week, but couldn't) and Steven Jackson would be a logical target for a lot of those 3-steps and throw passes. Start him unless you have more certain options.
  • Here's a set of week two power rankings that doesn't have the Rams dead last, 31st instead. The Raiders get that coveted spot this week.