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NFC West looking more like AFC West...circa 2005

Ah, mid-decade. Credit was still easy to get, YouTube was born, and all the kids were talking dancing to songs about humps, lovely lady humps. Across the state, the high flying Kansas City Chiefs missed the playoffs despite a 10-6 record. Fans of the old days may not be able to shake their humps to the similarly titled song anymore, but they can watch the NFC West if anyone's interested in keeping up with the diaspora of former Chiefs from that year.

Already having Dante Hall on board and Al Saunders in house to coordinate the offense, the Rams tried to capture a little more of that magic by signing WR Eddie Kennison.

Now, comes news that the receiver-challenged Seahawks got in on the retro fun and added former Chiefs WR Samie Parker to their roster.

Nobody's going to argue that the NFC West is the most exciting division in football, but nostalgists might appreciate it a little more now.