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Begin the begin

Today is the day, the day we've been waiting for since, oh, I don't know, last September, when Pace went down and everyone else followed and the Rams season went into the tank. 

3K's got a preview up. Just a couple notes to get your Saturday started off right. I've got a game thread all ready to go for early in the evening. 

The Rams had a walkthrough on Friday, so not much camp notes to comment on. On Thursday, the defense managed to sustain constant pressure on Titans' QB Vince Young, with LBs Will Witherspoon getting an "almost" sack (the QBs weren't in play) and Pisa Tinoisamoa breaking up some passes. 

From Bill Coats at the PD:

Witherspoon is qeustionable for tonight's game. Culberson is getting the start at SLB, and Justin Medlock, who wants a trade, will do the kicking. Witherspoon is questionable for the game, and by all means, don't push him.

From Nick Wagoner at the official site:


  • The offensive starters will play a quarter, with Orlando Pace a go for just a handful of reps. Speaking, pretty confidently, for all Rams fans, we'll be glad to see Pace in uni, and if the starting offense looks good, eventhough it's just preseason, we can breathe easier. 
  • Wagoner's reporting that Pittman will likely get the start at RB. That's a little bit of a surprise; I assumed Leonard would start. I suspect he'll see plenty of action though, along with Lance Ball, who might play the majority of the second half. 
  • With Pace at LT, the rest of the starting o-line is: Bell, LG; Romberg, C; the nasty Incognito at RG; and Alex Barron at RT. Those guys will get plenty of scrutiny, as mentioned yesterday, with all eyes watching to see what kind of holes they open for the runners not named Steven Jackson as well as keeping Marc Bulger off his back, where he was forced to spend most of last season. 
I know I'm ready. And now, just in case you're stuck at work or in front of a computer or waiting for the drunk guy at your fantasy draft to finish up in the can and draft already, here are a few links to catch you up on the rest of the NFC West.

It's preseason, so picking a winner for tonight's Rams/Titans game is tough, but limbs were made for walking on, and I'll optimistically proclaim a Rams victory. I got a good feeling about our depth chart guys that'll be playing in the second half, 22-17 final. For football betting odds, expert NFL predictions, even and free picks, check with an expert like Doc's Sports.