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So practice is getting a little intense now. I have to agree with BruinFanBaby on this; I'm glad to see the fires burning as these guys get ready to compete. Last year at this time, and I admittedly don't have a photographic memory, I don't remember camp being particularly intense, and we all know how that turned out. It definitely gives this weekend's preseason kickoff an extra edge and could make for some good football.

Who are we kidding though? At this point in time, any football is good football.

Here's some more on the Vanden Bosch/Goldberg matchup and a nice follow up to this morning's post. Apparently, Goldberg put on a blocking show against the Titans Pro Bowl DE. From Mike Sando's ESPN report:

After being blocked to the ground on his rush, Vanden Bosch took a big swing at Goldberg.

So, he's showing his mettle in pass blocking as well as heavy weight bouts. I would expect nothing less from a Wyoming product. The official Rams site has more on Goldberg.

A couple other notes and observations:

  • Goldberg wasn't the only Rams lineman to have a standout day practice. Marquee free agent G Jacob Bell had a nice showing in his return to Tennessee battling Pro Bowl DT Albert Haynesworth. Nick Leckey looked sharp, and there was even an Alex Barron sighting, with the PD's Bill Coats noting that Barron "stood out" in team drills and one-on-one work. 
  • Donnie Avery sat out again yesterday, still recovering from his cracked pelvis. He's been out since last Tuesday, July 29, and should be back within the next week. He'll need to be. Hopefully, he's studying the playbook in his time out, because he'll have less time to get up to speed on a new offense and a new level of play. Heading into camp, we all expected Avery to see the majority of reps as the team's thrid WR, working out of the slot, but the more practice time he loses, the further behind on that role he'll be, making it more likely that another WR will work in that spot. Burton?
  • Yay! For weeks we've been held hostage by the Brett Favre. But now the angry diva has been traded to the Jets. National nightmare over, along with Favre's reputation.