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Goldberg working at LT

Thanks to Orlando Pace's gradual, deliberate march back to full 11-on-11 contact, Adam Goldberg has been punching the clock with the first team at left tackle. So this was refreshing to hear:

In his one on one opportunities with Vanden Bosch, Goldberg was excellent. Goldberg is quietly starting to really come on and told some reporters later that he feels as good as he has in some time.

Goldberg worked today with none other than the Ram premier free agent acquisition this spring, LG and former Titan Jacob Bell. With Pace coming back, for his 11th season, from consecutive season-ending injuries, columns have been filled with concerns about the team's depth at OT. Yes, yes, yes, it's early on, but Goldberg holding his own at LT during a pretty hot, intense (whoa, that sounds wrong) session of practice against fired up veterans like Vanden Bosch could mean good things for the Rams depth chart.