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Undrafted rookies continue making impressions

A couple of follow up notes from our look at the Rams undrafted rookies from yesterday.

We mentioned TE Nick Cleaver making the case for a roster spot. Here's what the PD's Bill Coats said about him yesterday:

TE Nick Cleaver, an undrafted rookie out of New Mexico State, has caught just about everything thrown his way.

When was the last time anyone mentioned Joe Klopfenstein catching all the passes thrown his way?

The linebackers have been making noise too, and Nick Magro's name has come up more than once here at TST and elsewhere in camp reports. The undrafted Magro and 7th rounders Chamberlain and Vobora will be looking for a good week against the Titans. From the same report:

With the solid performance of rookies Chris Chamberlain, David Vobora and Marc Magro, third-year LB Tim McGarigle is in a serious fight to save his job.

It's a veritable bonanza of undrafted goodness!