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A Steve Smith sweepstakes coming?

From the fantasy land file - fantasy as in dream, not football - here's an interesting, tantalizing prospect for the Rams...

There's some outside speculation that the Panthers might be willing to deal 29-year-old WR Steve Smith, thanks to his new found love for fighting with teammates and threats from Panthers' cornerback to take disciplinary measures into their own hands. He's already facing a two game suspension from his team and with the Panthers not expected to be competitive this season, there might be even more impetus to move the three-time Pro Bowler. Maybe.

Adding Smith to the roster and having him and Torry Holt on either side of the field would put to rest any questions about the Rams depth at wide receiver. Talk about pricey though, a first round pick would have to be on the table to even start talking, maybe more. If, if, if there was a realistic possibility for this to happen, would you consider that to be too expensive?

Honestly, I'm more concerned about the Rams' depth at offensive tackle, and right now, nine months out, that's what I'd like to see our first round pick go for. But if the deal were right, Smith's presence on the roster would make that brutal first half of the season go by a lot faster.

Well, how 'bout it?