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Random Ramsdom, 8/4

A quick stroll around the internets finds some Rams-related reading to help transition you into the work week. Be disciplined with it though, we don't want you becoming some kind of ultimate Rams fan on someone else's dime no do we?


  • Mike Sando offers his roster analysis over at ESPN's NFC West blog. A must read. 
  • At the same blog, Sando notes QB troubles in San Fran. Say what you will about the Rams heading into the season, I'm damn glad that our starting QB is settled. Now if only the running back situation...
  • The Rams are sorting out the battle for the 3rd QB spot, Berlin or Gradkowski. Berlin's a more accurate passer, and Gradkowski's got the shufflin' skills that allows him to work outside the pocket. Who would you take?
  • The heat of the spotlight figures to get a little cooler this week, as the Rams head to TN on Tuesday to start practicing with the Titans, ahead of their preseason game on Saturday (which TST will be covering, if the thought of preseason football tickles your fancy). 
  • The Rams have signed Fresno State LB Marcus Riley, a second cousin to WRs coach Henry Ellard, to replace the waived/injured Vince Hall, who had shown some inspired play. Riley has some hybrid ability, and lined up as a rusher on more than one occasion in college, including a memorable tilt against West Virginia.
The undrafted rookies are having a nice little camp thus far. I'll be back with a look at the Rams undrafted rookies later today.