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Thoughts on a scrimmage

The  scrimmage went off without a hitch, and real football approaches. A couple of notes for the Sunday readers:

Undrafted rookie LB Vince Hall, who by all accounts had an impressive start to camp was waived yesterday because of an injury. That comes a day after the PD's Bill Coats reported that there were three spots for four LBs that had been making a good case in camp, Chamberlain, Hall, Magro and Vobora. So, I guess that's settled. Here's what Nick Wagoner said:

Undrafted rookie Marc Magro continues to surprise with his ability and versatility. One minute Magro was down the field breaking up a pass attempt. The next, he was lining up at defensive end and breaking through for what would have been a sack had quarterbacks been in play. Magro is quietly having a nice camp and a big preseason could land him a roster spot.

Try to remember that it's still camp. That said, it's hard to not think about the possibility of having another hybrid type LB on the roster. Magro worked at DE on numerous occasions at West Virginia, so the role isn't entirely new to him. Like I said, camp caveat, but the Rams might not miss Chillar after all.

Reports that the offense is starting to click continued in the wake of yesterday's scrimmage. And we're all relieved to see Pace on the field, but there are a few stories I'd also like to hear about, for instance: how's Alex Barron looking? The mention of penalties from yesterday made me wonder. 

There's usually not much to say about rule changes, but there's one rule that must have  cornerbacks around the league popping corks. The force out rule is no longer in effect. If a receiver is forced out of bounds on a reception and fails to keep his feet in bounds, it's an incomplete pass. That definitely makes life easier for the defenders in the backfield. And could potential give a team with some young players at CB, like the Rams, a little boost in play.