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Odds are...

70/1 for the Rams to win the Super Bowl. 5/1 to win the NFC West. 

Hey, after last season, I'll take those odds. The folks over at Bodog were king enough to share some Rams-related stats with us. Not a betting man, I was oddly interested from the predictive standpoint. 

Things to be oddly optimistic about:

  • Rams favored to win more than 3.5 games at home, -135. That's a plus. The Rams first home game is against the Super Bowl champion NY Giants, a difficult match for sure, but the Giants are coming in without sack master Osi Umenyiora and Strahan opted to stay retired. Alex Barron's breathing easier. After the Giants the Rams get the Bills, Cowboys, Cardinals, Bears, Dolphins, Seahawks and Niners. The most winnable games on the list are the Dolphins, Niners, and Bears. Mistake free play could bring a win against the Cardinals, esp considering their chronic disarray under center. If the Rams are competitive, a games against the Seahawks are always tight. I'm more optimistic about our chances against the Giants than the Bills.
  • The over/under on Bulger's stats are 3325 passing yards and 19.5 TDs. That would be his second best season in the last four years.
  • Take the over on Steven Jackson. His over/under for rushing yards is 1300; he topped 1000 yards in 12 games with a terrible offensive line and offense last season. His over/under for receiving yards is 450, far off his 800+ yards in 2006. He should top that this year. For TDs, Jackson's o/u is 12.5, a tougher call than his yardage numbers. 
  • Precedent weighs heavily in odds making, and Torry Holt is still favored to be a top WR. His over/unders are: 92 rec, 1172 yards, 8.5 TDs. He topped all those, except for TDs (he had 7), with a gimpy knee and a pathetic offense last year.
Dubious odds
  • Right now, I'd probably take the under on Drew Bennett to rack up 720 receiving yards; his preseason work makes 300 yards look like a stretch.
  • I'm not worried about Chris Long emerging as monster on the d-line, but 6.5 sacks this year seems like a long shot after camp/preseason. 
More odds below the fold, including McMichael and Linehan's chances of being the Rams head coach in 2009. 

Team Odds

Odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII

St. Louis Rams                          70/1


Odds to win the 2008 NFC Championship       

St. Louis Rams                          30/1


Odds to win the NFC West Division     

St. Louis Rams                          5/1


Win Totals

St Louis Rams Regular Season Wins

Over   6.5                      -130

Under 6.5                      Even


St Louis Rams Regular Season Home Wins

Over   3.5                       -135

Under 3.5                      +105


St Louis Rams Regular Season Away Wins

Over   3                         -130

Under 3                         Even


Miscellaneous Odds

Will Scott Linehan be the head coach of the St Louis Rams for the first game of the 2009 NFL season?

Yes                              +120

No                                 -150


Player Performance Odds

Marc Bulger Passing Yards

Over/Under                    3325


Marc Bulger Touchdown Passes

Over/Under                    19.5


How many sacks will the St Louis Rams allow?

Over/Under                    31.5


Steven Jackson Rushing Yards

Over/Under                    1300


Steven Jackson Receiving Yards

Over/Under                    450


Steven Jackson Total Touchdowns

Over/Under                    12.5


Torry Holt Receiving Yards

Over/Under                    1175


Torry Holt Touchdowns

Over/Under                    8.5


Torry Holt Receptions

Over/Under                    92


Drew Bennett Receiving Yards

Over/Under                    720


Drew Bennett Touchdowns

Over/Under                    3.5


Donnie Avery Receiving Yards

Over/Under                    350


Randy McMichael Receiving Yards

Over/Under                    475


Leonard Little Sacks

Over/Under                    7


Chris Long Sacks

Over/Under                    6.5


Thanks again to Bodog for the numbers.