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Missouri Governor's Cup: Rams at Kansas City Chiefs, Aug 28, 2008, open thread

Steven Jackson updates used to be kind of a daily, or more, thing around here, but since he signed and the offense scored the suspense is gone. Thankfully. There is a bit of Steven Jackson news to pass along, the Rams running back probably won't play tonight. I say only probably to be technically correct. Based on what Linehan told the NFL network, they don't want to activate him and blow their roster exemption ahead of the cut down this weekend.

Most starters, in fact, will sit out tonight. Will Drew Bennett play tonight? If he's healthy, I would think he needs to given his poor performance through the preseason, a reminder that he can still catch a pass. Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton should get some more playing time, particularly Avery. But the guys behind them at WR will be in the spotlight as they play for a spot on the 53-man roster.

Similar auditions are taking place in the backfield on defense.

Trent Green gets the start, returning to his second old stomping grounds, the Dome being his first. The real show at QB is the battle for the 3rd spot between Berlin and Gradkowski. Odds are currently on Berlin, by a lot, so Gradkowski needs to have a huge game.

My QnA about the Rams is up over at Arrowhead Pride.

Anyone else notice the official Rams site is down? Surely they're upgrading the site.

Ok, that's it, big game at hand...the Governor's Cup. Make us proud, and less worried about the depth chart, Rams.