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Governor's Cup edition: five questions

For a view of things on the other side of the state, I checked in with Chris from Arrowhead Pride, SBN's Chiefs blog. Our QnA is below. 

In the meantime, Rams fans, better go weigh in on the pregame St. Louis bashing thread over at AP. Attack Hill-style thin crust pizza? Not on my watch mister.

1. Let me start by going back to April, the draft. There was plenty of debate among pundits and Rams fans about whether or not the Rams should draft Chris Long or Glenn Dorsey with the second overall pick. So tell us, how has Dorsey looked in camp and through the preseason? What kind of impact will he have in the regular season?

AP: Glenn Dorsey sprained his knee during an off-season practice in early August and is just now getting back to full strength. Prior to the injury, he only participated in a few practices so his off-season hasn’t had much to go on.

Being such a great college player, Dorsey should immediately improve what was in 2007 a very shaky Chiefs run defense. Will there be fireworks, sacks and huge run stops right off the bat? Probably not. Dorsey’s surrounding cast on the defensive line is almost as young as he is and because of his knee injury, the preaseason gelling period will most certainly run into the regular season.

We’re of course hoping for the best with Dorsey but doing so with a lot of patience. You learn patience after being a Chiefs fan the last couple of years. 

2. Chiefs fans are having to get used to the R word, Rebuilding, this year. Give us a quick sketch of the team's rebuilding plans. How soon do you them competing for the division title again?

AP: Herm Edwards, after going to the playoffs in 2006 and putting a freak show of a team on the field in 2007, blew up the team and basically kept and chose players on talent first then age. The Chiefs have quickly become one of the youngest teams in the NFL, adding twelve draft picks this year and not making any significant veteran free agent signings.

We are starting over with a young, young team and I think that’s exactly what you have to do to field a truly competitive squad down the line.

As far as competing for a division title, I look at the San Diego Chargers and I don’t see them slowing down dramatically at least for a couple of years. The Chiefs are looking at even competing for a division title no less than three years from now. 

3. Are you set on Brodie Croyle?

AP: I for one am willing to give Brodie Croyle this entire season to show us what he has. The problem evaluating Croyle has been that his offensive line has been terrible, which will impede and mask the progress of any young quarterback.

Most rational fans are willing to give Croyle at least this season as the starting quarterback. If he doesn’t show much improvement after this year, the doubters will increase and rightly so. 2008 will be his first full season and as fans, we owe him at least that. 

4. Is Larry Johnson ready to go after missing half the season last year?

AP: Sure is. Larry Johnson is back, 100% healthy and should benefit greatly from the up and coming supporting running cast the Chiefs have. 3rd round pick Jamaal Charles and second year player Kolby Smith are more than capable of giving LJ a few rests each game. Now, the offensive line is still in flux but the runners themselves are ready to rock.

5.  Your other first round pick, Brandon Albert, figures heavily into the plans for the offense this season and down the road. What's the latest on his foot injury?What kind of performance do you anticipate from him this season? Down the road are you optimistic?

AP: Albert is walking on his foot now and I don’t believe he still has a protective boot on it. I’d say now he’s questionable for Week 1 and probable for Week 2 but I’m not privy to the inside info. The reports coming out about that have been few and far between, which I assume means we’ll just have to be patient.

I think I speak for every Chiefs fan when we expect Branden Albert to play left tackle for the Chiefs as long as he physically can. We’ll assume 2008 will be a learning period for Albert (he has never played left tackle before) but after that, expectations are high. 

Big thanks to Chris at Arrowhead Pride.