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Rams roster cuts coming

The first round of roster cuts come tomorrow, when team trim down from 80 to 75 players. It's not as dramatic as the last round of cuts, when teams solidfy their 53-man roster, but it does have a few implications.

Who the Rams cut? Good question. With a number of starters still not playing in the preseason thanks to injury, some cut casualties will get some more time to prove themselves. Here's my best stab at the first round of cuts coming from the Rams.

Nick Cleaver, TE - The Rams have four tight ends on the roster now, but typically keep only three. We heard some good things about Cleaver early in camp, but he's yet to catch a pass in the Rams first three preseason games.

Shaine Smith, WR - The Rams have 12 guys competing for 5/6 spots. However, this is a tricky area because some players will be kept as special teamers, like Dante Hall. Smith signed with the Rams last May, but ended up with the Jets practice squad. His name has yet to show up in the box score this preseason, and the Rams have better candidates at the position to keep on the practice squad. Matt Caddell could be a casualty too.

Lavarus Giles, RB - Depending on soon Steven Jackson takes the field, and how his situation impacts the roster cuts, Giles is likely to go. The Rams seem to be high on Lance Ball, who's had a solid summer, for the last/practice squad RB spot.

Julius Wilson, OL - Hard to think about cutting down the o-line right now, and they might not makes cuts here until the big cutdown since someone will have to play against the Chiefs this week. Mark LeVoir seems to be the veteran depth guy at OT though.With Setterstrom and Gorin lost to injury, the Rams might not have to make as many cuts this round, and keep a linemen until they have to make more cuts.

These are just a best guess on my part, nothing scientific or informed to them. I think the first three names are among the most likely to get cut this time around, given they play at positions where there's an excess and are not part of the heated competition for those bottom spots. I suppose we'll know more tomorrow.