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Joe Horn linked to the Rams

Released only yesterday by the Falcons, there's already rumors of the Rams being on Horn's radar for a potential destination.

Hmm. Horn's been bothered by a hamstring injury that's kept him out of the Falcon's first two preseason games. The same injury limited his playing time last season, that and the general disarry of the Falcons offense after losing their starting QB in that whole dog fighting nastiness. His trouble with the Falcons started largely because he lost his role to the emegent Roddy White, prompting him to want out of his deal with the Falcons.

I suspect the Rams have popped up in conjuction with Horn's name given concerns about their experience at WR. Dave the Falconer at SBN's Falcons blog The Falcoholic, expected little from Horn this season, making us wonder if chasing Horn might accomplish little to nothing for the Rams. Horn hasn't played more than 13 games since 2004, and his best season of the last three came in '06 when he caught 37 passes for 674 yards and 4 TDs with the Saints, playing in just 10 games.

Horn's 36-years-old, about 11 months older than Isaac Bruce, so I'm not comfortable writing off Horn just because of his age. Bruce has been much more durable in his twilight years than Horn. (Pundits questioned Bruce's age last season you'll recall). However, depending on what he's got left in the tank, Horn could contribute in a limited role for the Rams, who'll still be leaning on Torry Holt as the top receiver and Drew Bennett would still be number two. It's tough to factor Donnie Avery into the Rams plans given the rookie has yet to play in a preseason game and learn the complex Al Saunders playbook that still has veterans scratching their heads. Horn would give them a veteran presence behind those two, something the team doesn't have at all, except for Dane Looker.

The jury's still out for me on this one. I'd definitely be willing to give him a look in camp, but he likely wants more than that given his statements surrounding recent events.