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Faulk's still the man

With one potential "franchise" player nowhere near a playing field and the "franchise" quarterback making fans pine for the accuracy and consistency of Gus Frerotte, this afternoon's as good a time as any to think back upon more pleasant memories.

ESPN recently surveyed readers to determine the ultimate franchise player for each NFL team. For the Rams, Marshall Faulk took home the honor. No surprise there.

I wonder if disillusionment with the Rams current running back and the team's recent seasons got Faulk some votes? Nah. It's pretty hard to argue with a one man offensive weapon, who could lead the league even when mediocrity surrounded him. (Ah, the Mike Martz legacy...)

The case for Merlin Olsen makes for a heady debate though. And defensive end Jack Youngblood was left off the list.

The "franchise" concept is strange for Rams fans, particularly St. Louisians. Remember, St. Louis had an NFL team for a long time, the Cardinals, and other than a basic familiarity with superstars like Youngblood or Olsen, how many people in the area were Los Angeles Rams fans? So, Faulk unquesitonably gets the honor if you consider the Rams post move.